Welcome to late summer! This period signifies the new start of the Earth’s phase, as we morph into late summer, hosting fresh energies welcomed from the nourished Earth. Many describe this phase of the year as the ‘Indian Summer’ where we experience beautiful golden hazes of sunlight and damp or humid weather moods.

As we phase into new seasons throughout the year, we preside emphasis on varying aspects of the body. According to Oriental views of the cosmos every element, being, feature and thing on this planet is ruled by these 5 ample elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal. These elements are capable of manipulating our body’s organ systems. At this time of year, we enter into the element of the Earth, that focuses on our stomach and spleen.

During late summer’s seasonal yoga practices, we focus on aligning our stomach and spleen’s meridian lines, allowing ourselves to absorb the Earth’s natural energies. Classes will focus on strengthening and opening the front of our bodies, to expand new paths of opportunities as they present themselves on the horizon. Additionally, rounded asanas and belly stretches will be practiced, alongside deep extended breathing techniques.

It is also important to keep in mind a focus on how you nurture yourself with good wholesome food and eating habits. This time of year promotes the eating of natural yellow foods including corn, squash and sweet potatoes – all of which contain valuable slow-releasing sugars, whilst delectable and sweet in taste. Try to prepare your food fresh, lightly sautéed or boiled, rather than thoroughly cooking them through. This way the nutrients will be retained, and your body will thank you! Also, whole grains are an encouraged soul food, however try to avoid dairy and stoned fruits.

At Cobham Yoga we welcome Seasonal Yoga twice a week, hosted by our incredibly knowledgeable Seasonal teacher, Tamara Melvin. Join Tamara every Tuesday from 9:15-10:15 for a Hot Seasonal Twist class or alternatively, every Wednesday at 12:30-1:30 for an unheated Seasonal class. Click here to book your next class.

We hope to see you soon!