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Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Journey With Holly Husler 16th April 5.30 pm – 6.45 pm & 15th May 6 pm – 7.15 pm £25

Grab a blanket, lie down on your mat, close your eyes and get as cozy as you possibly can in our safe and cozy candle-lit space. That’s exactly where you’ll stay for the best part of 75 minutes. This is your self-care time. To slow down. To get still. To reconnect with you. To receive what you need to receive, and release what you need to release. When we’re busy doing life, we forget that we can find everything we’re searching for outside of us right here inside. As your physical body surrenders to gravity, Holly Husler will weave the sacred and healing sounds and vibrations of her crystal singing bowls, harp and her own singing voice over and through you, gently guiding you home to balance, peace and harmony. Nothing for you to do but relax into the magic. Expect a unique, sensory experience.

-Deep relaxation and de-stress
-Space to drop out of the busy, thinking mind and into peace
-Clarity, creativity, connection with self
-Releasing of happy hormones
-Strengthening of immune system
-A returning to a sense of balance and harmony

Tickets are non refundable

We provide all props

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Nurture Night with Mandy on Sunday 24th of April

6.30-8.30 pm £37.50

Get away from it all for a couple of hours of deeply nurturing self-care! We will indulge ourselves with some gentle stretching, deep breathing, Qi Gong body tapping, True Rest Yoga Nidra, essential oils & a chocolate meditation! This time of deep nourishment for mind, body & the soul will ground you in your true nature of peace & wellbeing. You will leave feeling rested, renewed, and ready to face the world again!

* Ease stress & anxiety
* Improve sleep issues
* Release physical, mental & emotional tension
* Learn simple techniques to calm & soothe your nervous system
* Re-discover your inner resources for challenging times.

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Movement Optimisation Based In Science Sat 30th April x 4 Weeks

11.30am – 1.30 pm 

We are very excited to be hosting Jane Beevers FRCms, for a progressive exploration of science-based Mobility training.

This is strength training for your joints.  Mobility = Flexibility + Strength and Control.

  • Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to self-assess your own joint motion with Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs).
  • Each session set out below will be offered via a class structure, with Q&A time plus personal attention.
  • Learn the difference between passive and active ranges of motion, how to “bridge the gap”, and how to build strength in these ranges.
  • Increase movement variability.
  • Learn how to maximise movement potential, mitigate injury, and increase articular and neurological health.
  • Learn various forms of isometric training, which has not only been shown to be one of the safest forms of training but as one of the best ways to communicate with both connective tissue and neurological systems.
  • You’ll be given access to previously recorded 4K classes for each session to practice at home after the live sessions.
  • Learn how to take the training into your own movement practice and into the rest of your life (whatever your age or fitness background – whether you’re a couch potato, yogi, runner, footballer, athlete, climber “insert your own”).
  • Open to all ages and abilities.
  • Teachers will also benefit from these sessions, enhance their anatomical understanding, and apply this to their teaching repertoire.

Starting Saturday, April 30th for 4 weeks until 21st May 2022 11.30-1.30 pm

£140 for 4 weeks or drop in @£40 per session.

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