It is essential to properly prep your body before coming to any yoga class. Before class, we recommend Yogis not to eat 2 hours prior and to have drunk plenty of water.

We also suggest drinking teas, especially green, oolong, chai, mint and black teas after Yoga. This helps to rehydrate the body, reduce inflammation, boost metabolism and improve the body’s immune system. Tea provides a rich source of antioxidants, whilst slowly releasing energy. More Tea anyone?

During class, it is important to remember three key facts:

1) Take small sips – drinking big gulps disturbs your body during practice and can sometimes make you uncomfortable.

2) Drink water at room temperature – Hot yoga is all about heating our bodies, therefore drinking cold water can shock your system and if too cold, could cause stomach cramps.

3) Take small sips in between asana (postures) – It is important to carry on drinking water throughout your yoga practice whenever you feel necessary, but to avoid disturbing others and breaking your focus, take sips in between postures rather than during.

With all this said, sometimes drinking water can be a challenge, but it is incredibly important for our general health. So, why not infuse your 2 litres of water (the daily recommended amount) over night with mint, strawberries, oranges, lemons, limes, raspberries or cucumber (sorry Pimm’s doesn’t count!).

Lastly, for those wanting even more hydration, consider eating Pink Himalayan salt and drinking coconut water for more electrolytes. This helps replace and maintain our bodies electrolyte levels that are lost when we sweat in class and inevitably need to be replaced. Treat yourself next time you’re in the studio, to a coconut water in your preferred flavour, which is on sale at reception.

Enjoy the sun Yogis and always keep hydrated J